Unintended Consequences: Growing Up Online

Unintended Consequences: Growing Up Online

Things to think about as you head into 2019 as it relates to your famiy's digital wellness. PDF=Play time, down time, family time. Bodies need to move, brains need to rest, and we all need to keep courageous conversations going about mental health and wellness and how our devices and tech use can be balanced to provide real life moments of play and fun.One of the leading protective factors to prevent addiction and other mental health issues is true human connection.Big goals, but easy to achieve when you have a plan.Join me to make your plan at: (all free and open to the public)Christ's Greenfield School, Gilbert, Thursday, December 6, 8:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.Mountain Pointe High School, Tempe/Phx, Monday, December 10, 6:00 p.m.Coronado High School, Scottsdale, Wednesday, December 12, 6:00 p.m.

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Vaping: What Every Parent Needs To Know

Vaping: What Every Parent Needs To Know

Summer Interview Series #2: Stephanie Siete is a long time friend and colleague and serves as Public Information Officer for Community Bridges, a non-profit education and prevention organization that provides integrated and behavioral healthcare throughout Arizona.Our topic is vaping and the many dangers and things parents need to know about what our youth are being exposed to, what you need to do, and know.If you have not spoken to your children ages 9+ about vaping, make it a priority to start having courageous conversations about topics such as this. It is real. It is here. It is rampant in our schools and homes.Stephanie can be reached at: ssiete@cbridges.com and speaks nationally on this topic for schools, community agencies, law enforcement and beyond.Communitybridgesaz.orgPlease share widely in your networks.

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For Ty Ty: A Mom’s Journey After Losing Her Son

For Ty Ty: A Mom's Journey After Losing Her Son

SENSITIVE TOPIC ALERT, ADULTS ONLY. SUICIDE AWARENESS AND PREVENTION VIDEO INTERVIEW: One family's journey after losing their son to suicide. What one Mom wants you to know.

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Summer Interview Series #5: High School To College Transition: BYBY/Be Your Best You

Summer Interview Series #5: High School To College Transition: BYBY/Be Your Best You”

Summer Interview Series #5: High School To College Transition: BYBY/Be Your Best You Starts at Age 7”My last interview of the summer before we head back to school!Disclaimer: You are going to want to grab your coffee and notepad for this one and a highlighter!Dr. Aaron Krasnow, Arizona Licensed Psychologist and Associate Vice President of Counseling Services and Health Services at Arizona State University, sat down with me to discuss a topic that is weighing heavily on some as their child takes flight—the high school to university/college transition.I intended to speak mostly about that big transition, but what I learned is that this “end state” that we are all chasing, or have bought into thinking we are after, is really a series of skills built SLOWLY and methodically, in the small moments that we have with our child.Take a listen as to how you can create a space for your child to take flight by working methodically in the younger years and well into high school by creating the conditions for the transition experience to become a journey in strengthening your relationship, while your young adult gains agency and freedom in becoming their best self.Topics include:-Why freaking out doesn't help ( shocking I know :))-How to ease their stress-Why a timeline of transition isn't our focus-How to help your child "be your best you"-What resources are available beyond just the counseling/health and wellness centerPlease share with your child and widely in your networks. Dr. Krasnow can be reached at aaron.krasnow@asu.edu.

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Summer Interview Series: “Middle School Matters” with Phyllis Fagell

Summer Interview Series: "Middle School Matters" with Phyllis Fagell

I had the awesome opportunity to interview newly minted author, Phyllis L. Fagell today. Phyllis wrote the book, "Middle School Matters: The 10 Key Skills Kids Need For Middle School And Beyond And How Parents Can Help".The statistics she shared were startling:-Between ages 8 and 14 girls' overall confidence levels drop by 30%-Between their tween and teen years girls' confidence that other people like them falls from 71% to 38% which is a 46% drop. ( Source: YPULSE)Grab your pen and paper and the pause button because you will want to listen over and over to her golden nuggets of wisdom!Pre-order " Middle School Matters" now on Amazon or Barnes and Noble for release on August 6th!Thank you Phyllis for a wonderful piece on getting through these middle school years with patience and guidance.

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Location Apps: Be In The Know

Location Apps: Be In The Know

There are many apps that have location services on them. SnapMap is just the newest on the scene. A clip from my interview with Catherine Saunders​ from AZTV7 about SnapMap, "Yellow", and how to educate yourself and your kids about how easy it is for people to locate them.My colleagues Laurie Latham​ and Frank Griffitts​ are experts in this area and have taught many the ins and outs of the minds of predators and their motives as well as . They are expert resources.It isn't enough to tell your kids not to share their location–they want to be current and relevant in their social group and that means sharing their every move. Most won't want to turn ghost mode on and if they do, it may be temporary.Concrete and hands on examples of how easy it is to set up a profile using someone else's photos, what to do and say if someone approaches them online in an unsafe/predatory way, and courageous ONGOING conversations about what predation is, are essential. Most students I speak to report that they have been approached online by someone they do not know that is older than them.Teach them what TO do, not just what not to do.Many thanks to AZTV7/Arizona Daily Mix for their continued commitment to providing essential information to our communities and families.

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Saving Your Summer Sanity

Saving Your Summer Sanity

Our segment on saving your summer sanity while supervising devices and screen time. Thanks to Catherine Anaya for inviting me on the show!

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