Katey McPherson

Katey McPherson brings experience in school leadership, prevention, and organizational change with 25 years as a secondary school teacher, guidance counselor, and PK-12 school administrator. Katey’s educational career focus is on student and teacher social-emotional needs and wellness, youth mental health initiatives, social justice, and digital citizenship/social media responsibility.

Katey recently served as Executive Director of The Gurian Institute, an international teacher and parent training institute rooted in neuro-biological and evidence-based teaching strategies. Katey currently serves as a West Coast Associate of Hazard, Young & Attea Associates. When not traveling and speaking, she is busy raising her 4 tween and teen daughters.

Raising Tiny Humans is Exhausting

Katey inspired my faculty to be more creative and innovative in their approach to students. As we move towards a world where technology is ever present, her wisdom and information for parents keeps them abreast of how they can support their child while also understanding their developing brain. I would highly recommend training to any staff and parent who wants to stay current and relevant in best practices.

-Veronica Leiper, Principal Sequoya Elementary

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Summer Interview Series #5: High School To College Transition: BYBY/Be Your Best You

Summer Interview Series #5: High School To College Transition: BYBY/Be Your Best You”

Summer Interview Series #5: High School To College Transition: BYBY/Be Your Best You Starts at Age 7”My last interview of the summer before we head back to school!Disclaimer: You are going to want to grab your coffee and notepad for this one and a highlighter!Dr. Aaron Krasnow, Arizona Licensed Psychologist and Associate Vice President of Counseling Services and Health Services at Arizona State University, sat down with me to discuss a topic that is weighing heavily on some as their child takes flight—the high school to university/college transition.I intended to speak mostly about that big transition, but what I learned is that this “end state” that we are all chasing, or have bought into thinking we are after, is really a series of skills built SLOWLY and methodically, in the small moments that we have with our child.Take a listen as to how you can create a space for your child to take flight by working methodically in the younger years and well into high school by creating the conditions for the transition experience to become a journey in strengthening your relationship, while your young adult gains agency and freedom in becoming their best self.Topics include:-Why freaking out doesn't help ( shocking I know :))-How to ease their stress-Why a timeline of transition isn't our focus-How to help your child "be your best you"-What resources are available beyond just the counseling/health and wellness centerPlease share with your child and widely in your networks. Dr. Krasnow can be reached at aaron.krasnow@asu.edu.

Posted by Katey McPherson on Sunday, July 21, 2019